Ruby Aver,  Ballet Director Berkshire Pulse, Adjunct teacher for the Bard college  dance department at Simon’s Rock
Ben Schawinsky  is a seasoned masseur whose extraordinary intuition has clearly been fed by both decades of study and experience. I have received professional massages by a wide variety of practitioners as a former soloist with The Chicago Ballet on tours of three continents . Ben’s  ability to read the body and soul in front of him is outstanding. His healing touch truly renews .


Pamela Youngquist,  Naturopath, PhD,  Great Barrington, MA
Dear Ben,
1st thank you so very, very much for such an amazing massage last week. You are so amazingly gifted in what you provide in ease, comfort, release of pain and tension through your finely tuned skill. Thank you for being who you are and a cherished gift in my life.

Sarah Jackson, – MFA  MA,  Jungian psychotherapist
Before Ben worked on me, I never realized that massage could actually CURE things.  I have experienced relief from pain due to chronic muscle tightness as well as injuries, often in a single session.  He has even helped me to reverse a painful pre-arthritic condition in my wrist.  This guy is the real deal: a true healer with amazing hands. He also brings to his work a lot of knowledge about nutrition, wellness and exercise as well a deep spiritual understanding.

Natalie Shiras, Lee, MA
Ben Schawinsky is an artist when it comes to massage. He brought great relief to me in the months before hip surgery, correcting congenital imbalance, and helped me maintain equilibrium. It is what he has done afterwards where the magic has occurred. The hip replacement took away the pain and now I needed to learn to walk again re-using muscles, some atrophied and some bundled tight. Ben brought them back to life artfully reinvigorating the quadriceps, gluteus medius, gracilis and lumbar muscles. He worked to strengthen and vitalize the leg so not only could I walk again, I could walk using muscles I had never used and some I’d overused. Now my gait looks almost normal as he fine tunes his craft and helps the muscles do what they want to do naturally. 
I really like how he begins and ends each massage with the intention to bring the greatest good for my health and well being. The cells of my muscles remember what they need to do after his massage.
He is a healing artist in his massage and has an inner knowing that reaches far beyond technique.

Robert Frey – Chiropractor:
“Ben’s skills as massage therapist are excellent. He not only can help one to de-stress the tightness of sore muscles for relaxation , he has a treatment oriented effectiveness that initiates the healing response of the lymph, acupuncture and nerve systems”.

Zhenia Umbers – Physical Therapist:
“I had a wonderful experience receiving massage from Ben Schawinsky.  He is a gifted and intuitive therapist.  Ben incorporates traditional and intuitive healing techniques in his work.  I highly recommend him for his skill and talent in the art of massage and body work”.                                                                                                          

Sarah Conway – Singer:
“Ben is a masterful massage therapist.  You know from his first touch that he has a natural gift for massage and healing. He has an intuitive ability to read the body as a whole and know what is needed to bring release and balance. His massage goes to a whole other level, being so much more than a relaxing massage – it is therapeutic and healing.  Ben has done wonders for me.  I highly recommend him”.

Liam McGrath – Construction Interiors NYC:
“Ben and I have been friends & co-workers for many years – over 15 on his massage table! As a result I have had the good fortune to benefit from his very gifted hands and spirit on many levels. The benefit over time from his massage therapy, combined with that of other wonderful healers, some of whom he suggested, has left me virtually pain free despite years of debilitating back issues. The feeling of wellbeing and thoroughness you will experience upon finishing a session with Ben needs to be experienced to truly understand this very loving & unique individuals approach to healing”.

Jaclyn Tierney – Publishing – Brooklyn:
“I first met with Ben at the recommendation of my chiropractor. I found Ben’s massage so therapeutic I continued with him on a regular basis for several years.  The benefits included much less stress and major improvement of neck and back issues. When Ben moved out of NYC I tried a number of other therapists but none came close to matching Ben’s skills.  I recommend him highly, he is truly gifted”.



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